Metro Vancouver | Coquitlam, BC

Having worked to launch Burke Mountain with the planning and adoption of Wesbild’s Upper Hyde Creek and Smiling Creek Neighbourhoods, we are proud of our continuing work in planning and design for Wesbild’s projects throughout the phased development of the Burke Mountain community.


Wesbild Holdings Ltd. 


2002 – present


Metro Vancouver | Coquitlam, BC


1200+ acres | 7,500+ homes




Community Planning
Urban Design
Land Development
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Initiated in 2000, Burke Mountain promised urban living on nature’s doorstep – a vision of a mixed-use village of 7600 homes set among west coast forests, accommodating a diverse, economically viable urban community.

Through facilitating an extensive public consultation with residents, stakeholders and City staff, the neighbourhood plans achieved support for a community design that leveraged the land’s natural features, defining views and rural charm to reflect a sense of place rooted in west coast living. The resulting neighbourhoods provide a diversity of homes, community parks and civic facilities supported by a network of pedestrian-oriented streets and trails. Unlike typical suburban neighbourhoods, Burke Mountain incorporates innovative designs, such as park-front homes, safe walking routes and green streets, creating civic spaces friendly to wildlife and pedestrians alike.

Placemark continues to build on this legacy with designs that celebrate all that Burke Mountain living has to offer.

Process & Entitlements


  • Upper Hyde Creek Neighbourhood Plan | 2004
  • Smiling Creek Neighbourhood Plan | 2006
  • Development Projects within Upper Hyde Creek | 2004 – 2016
  • Development Projects within Smiling Creek | 2006 – 2016
  • Development Projects within Partington Creek | 2017 – present
  • Hillside Development Guidelines
  • Elementary School Site Layout – Smiling Creek and Partington Creek

Paul Fenske and his team continue to lead the planning and design of Burke Mountain as Placemark, reflecting the long-term working relationship, expertise and legacy built with Wesbild by while at Ekistics.

The Foothills at Burke Mountain was designed by EKISTICS Town Planning Inc. between 2003-2022. Fenske actively participated in the design of the project. The design is the intellectual property of EKISTICS and cannot be used, adapted, copied, or published without the express written consent of EKISTICS.